Commonly Asked Questions

Generally speaking, I am a portrait journalist – meaning I am a happy fusion of photojournalism and portrait work.  On your wedding day, it’s to be expected many of the images will stem from a photojournalist mindset since I am telling your story!  My number one goal is to capture your day in the most organic way possible.  I will (unobtrusively) follow you around and capture unaltered, REAL moments as they occur.  I admit I am also a bit of a details junkie and LOVE it when a bride takes the time to incorporate meaningful keepsakes into her day.  There will also be certain moments over the course of the day when I will gently guide and prompt you to create fine art as a supplement to your wedding experience.  Most often, this happens after the first look during the bride/groom portrait segment of the day.

YES, I will travel anywhere within the US!  For locations that are within driving distance, I charge a standard mileage fee beyond a 30 mile roundtrip.  For destination weddings, I will give you all details when we meet in person.

This is probably the #1 question I receive for portrait & engagement sessions.  Clothing is very subjective, so my style may not be what you naturally gravitate towards.  The most important piece of advice I can give is to feel GOOD in whatever you choose!  If you are doing an engagement shoot, strive to coordinate rather than to match.  It’s never a good idea to wear the same color since it eliminates any contrast between two people.  A good approach is to pick a color palette containing 3 colors; 2 neutrals (gray, tan, cream, etc.) and 1 pop of bright color (red, turquoise, yellow, etc.).  Coordinate these colors throughout your wardrobe, taking caution not to mix patterns.  Solids are always a safe bet, unless you are styling the shoot to a specific theme or era.

To see wardrobe examples, visit my Pinterest inspiration page by clicking here.

Not only can I provide you with recommendations, I highly endorse having hair and makeup professionally done prior to your session!  For engaged couples, this is an ideal time for the bride to do a “run-through” of makeup before the wedding day!  This will allow you to see what your makeup will look like in your wedding photos, and it will give you the opportunity to change something you don’t like.  Also, I find that clients who take the time to invest in this usually feel like a rockstar at their photo session.  This SHOWS… and when it shows, you will totally rock out your shoot and the images will be ahhhh-mazing!

The answer to this question can sometimes be a tricky one.  Here’s the skinny… cloudy skies will not necessarily prevent you from having great images.  In fact, sometimes the cloud cover can be a blessing, especially in the Summer time when it’s sweltering outside (gotta love the South!).  However, I understand that many clients hire me because they love that dreamy, golden, sun-flare that is prevalent in so many of my images.  I do give the option to reschedule (based on current availability) when skies are not what you had hoped.  If the forecast looks less than sunny just prior to your shoot, I will educate you on the options so you can make the best decision for yourself.  I typically check the radar 3 hours before any given session.  If you are one of those couples who are feeling a bit adventurous and like the prospect of having images in the rain, let’s go for it!  I have a collection of umbrellas just for the occasion!

For portrait & engagement sessions, turnaround is typically 1-2 weeks.  For weddings, turnaround time can be anywhere from 3-6 weeks.  Oftentimes, this is determined by the season we shoot in.  My Fall season (September through December) is hands down the busiest time of year for my business.  I will always do my best to deliver images in a timely fashion since I know how excited you are to see them!

Your wedding or session is considered booked on my calendar once you return a signed photo agreement and pay the retainer/deposit.  I do not “hold” times on my calendar; rather, I book on a first come, first served basis.  For wedding clients, I will extend a 48 hour window as a courtesy before releasing it to another client.  To book the date, get in touch with me by clicking here.